When the imagined became real

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America, there’s no question that you’ve had my heart from the beginning. By now you have to know that.

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“Are you okay?” Daniel whispered, his voice soft, his lips so close to hers. “Yes.” She could feel the beating of his wings. “You caught me.”I will always catch you when you fall.”


“I’ll always choose you.” Yes that was the word. “Every single lifetime, I’ll choose you. Just as you have always chosen me. Forever.”



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Addison Timlin tweeted: “Short hair don’t care!” and guess who helped cutting off her hair?

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Addison Timlin with Jeremy Irvine + twitter.

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That time I let Jeremy Irvine cut off all my hair

aww look at Addison and Jeremy!!

I don’t think this is for Fallen, is it?

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a maxerica fanmix:You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess (listen

             ∟ 1. A Thousand Years 2. Kiss Me 3. Love Story 4. Me and You 5. Hate That I Love You 6. All About Us 7. Thinking of You 8. Goodbye My Lover 9. Say Something 10. The Girl 11. Older 12. Kiss Me² 13. I’ll Be Your Love Too 14. Can I Have This Dance 15. Fix You 16. You And Me 17. Happily Ever After

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